Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moonflower blooms

The first blooms on our moonflower plants appeared a couple days ago. Nightly from now until the end of summer, Ipomoea alba opens one or two blooms around sunset in a matter of minutes. The large, white flowers attract night-flying moths for pollination. The flowers die off in the next morning's sun. The plants grow and spread quickly, but are easily controlled, thankfully, due to their shallow roots. 


amuse me said...

Checked out your site after seeing a post on Crafty Synergy's site. Nice site. I spoted your article about moonflowers and thought you might enjoy a post I did a while back with a video of a moonflower in time lapsed filming. Here's the link or go to my site and look for Morning Glories and Snapdragons. :)

the garden harlot said...

ah, thank you ! it looks as though you've abandoned this place for a while, but hopefully you'll come back soon !

i had been wondering what this flower was for months, and i finally discovered it on your blog. moonflower ! now i know. thank you for the identification help !

Unknown said...

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