Saturday, October 31, 2009

Giving kids a ghost of a chance

Where do all these kids come from? Tonight is our 11th Halloween at CadMur Manor, and we expect somewhere from 250 to 500 little visitors to our front door. That's an average of about 2 kids for each of the 220 households in the development -- way more than live here.

A sizable majority of our visitors come from outside Mill Creek, mostly from surrounding neighborhoods, a fact that infuriates some of our neighbors. Scores of parents pile their little ghosts and gobblins into their cars, drive to our urban-enclave of a development and send them out looking for treats in a safe, (mostly) welcoming community. The trick-or-treaters fair better here because:
  1. more residents participate and hand out candy
  2. the booty might be somewhat of a higher caliber than it would be where they live
  3. the kids are safer here than at home, less than a mile away -- unlikely to be shot accidentally or otherwise by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, outside for instance early in the evening
It's a small price to pay for us, handing out candy to kids who don't live here, "outsiders," along with everyone else. We don't worry where our visitors are from. We're happy to have so many kids safely experience a holiday tradition that we both experienced in simpler times. In times before gangs and massive violence. Once a year, we get this wonderful opportunity for love and service, a gift that benefits us at least as much as it does the children who knock on our door, proclaiming, "Trick or treat!"
Sheba and Siegfried From KAOS will be on hand to welcome hundreds of trick-or-treaters tonight


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your generosity of spirit as you welcome those trick-or-treaters, no matter which dimension they call home!

Dave Cunix said...

I used to have a home in South Euclid. We were visited by children from other cities. I was surprised the first year and ran out of candy. From then on we were better prepared. Halloween should know no (neighborhood)boundaries.

Unknown said...

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