Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Skunk now... sanity later

A guest blog post from Sophie, she wrote this originally as a note to her co-workers this morning. Today is the first of three days R&R for the hard-working quality-supervisor-nurse. ~slc
My three days off started with a bit of drama. Around 9 pm last night, I let Siegfried and Sheba out. They were barking wildly. Sheba was still in the yard. Siegfried had taken off and was two doors down. He had something cornered in the neighbor's flower bed. It was pitch black. I ran over and he was holding a skunk captive. At this point Sheba joined in on the fun. They were attacking the skunk. Siegfried had it in his mouth shaking it back and forth as terriers do with their prey. They wouldn't let the creature alone.

I was frantic!! My neighbor Leon came out. He didn't know what to do. The dogs continued to attack the skunk and get sprayed at the same time. At one point Sheba shreiked in pain -- I almost lost it. My children were in horrible danger. I was inches away from the threesome and was able to grab Sheba. I put her back in the yard, thinking she would stay put because of the invisible fence, but she came back for more. She wasn't done attacking the skunk. It's all a blur.

At this point, Siegfried and the skunk were down the hill and he was locked in on the skunk, which was only moving slightly. Somehow I managed to get Sheba back up the hill, grabbed a leash from inside and subdued her. I think about 15 minutes had gone by at this point. Siegfried was still holding the skunk captive. He had a mouth full of fur. I called my other neighbors (who also have a Jack Russel) Keith and Cindy. They came out and continued to try to coax Siegfried up the hill away from the skunk. After about 20 minutes of coaxing, Siegfried finally came up and we grabbed him. The skunk was still moving slightly, but died quickly. We then prepared a mixture of baking soda/dawn soap and h202 [hydrogen peroxide] and bathed each of them.

It doesn't seem possible, but I don't think they were sprayed too much. They don't have too many battle scars -- Sheba has a scratch on her side and is going to the vet this a.m. They were both happy and wagging their tails this morning like nothing happened -- no smell whatsoever.

I am renaming Siegfried -- he is now "Killer." Killer is sleeping soundly in my lap right now. Oh and while all this drama was going on, Mama was saying "I wanna go to bed. I'm tired. Take me to bed."

Serenity now!!
I posted another story, "Sophie's Choice," on the same event today in Every Day With Bandar.

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Unknown said...

Terrible and funny at the same time. Skunks are not too bright.

A few months ago, two strays disassembled a skunk on my front lawn at 3AM. One of them took a hit of spray directly in the face, but they kept terrorizing it. After an hour or two, silence.

We woke up the next morning to a truly profound stench. Also, a dead skunk. I had to pick up all its parts and leave it at the curb, wrapped in multiple bags. File this under "jobs I don't care to repeat." And those strays are likely to remain strays for quite a while.