Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just like a Montana stream

My friend Guy and I took a walk today with Sheba and Siegfried From KAOS. And what a day.

Cleveland couldn't get much better for mid November. Sunny skies, little wind and close to 60 degrees.

I mentioned this to Guy, a California native, and he nodded politely and appreciatively before reflecting, "Today would be about the worst day of the winter in Santa Barbara."

No matter. We hiked to Mill Creek Falls, took the path down the left bank overlooking the creek and before long made our way down to the creek bed. This is Cleveland. Not bad.
Mill Creek is exactly like a Montana stream. Only without the aquatic insects, cutthroat trout (or any fish to speak of), otters, black bears or grizzly bears. Still, it's amazing the beauty that's in my back yard, available to be enjoyed anytime just by taking the time and effort to look.

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Donna said...

Nice photos, Steve. Everytime I think about moving someplace cooler, I always think that we have quite a bit of beauty - natural, architectural, cultural, human - right here in my hometown.