Sunday, September 15, 2013

Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum & Mill Creek

From "Turney Tech" to Cleveland neighborhood

Here's a cool video created by Jason Mihalko, a psychologist in Massachusetts who has a profound interest in thinking and writing about psychiatric facilities and asylums 

Today on a 5-mile hike down in Valley View and Northfield, Sophie and I walked past the campus of Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare, a regional psychiatric hospital on Sagamore Road. It doesn't look like a very inviting place.

Thoughts turned to Mill Creek and our home, which is one of 220 mostly single-family homes sitting on the 58 or so acres where the Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum (also known by many other names) stood until 38 years ago.

What was before Mill Creek
Originally built in 1855 on land donated by James A. Garfield, who would later become U.S. president, the compound closed in 1975. By then people in various eras had known it by whatever it was called when they were around, including Newburgh State Hospital, Cleveland Hospital for the Insane and Cleveland State Hospital, possibly among others.

Ask anyone who grew up in this Warner-Turney neighborhood or in nearby Garfield Heights what they called it, and all agree on just one name: Turney Tech (it was located on Turney Road).

Jason's webpage is well worth a visit.


Jason Mihalko said...

Well thank you!

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